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Have you recently welcomed a new furry friend to your family?

At Dapto Veterinary Clinic we offer a Puppy School course that will prepare your new puppy and all members of your family for raising a well-trained, social and happy dog.

Why is Puppy School Important?

We all want to have a dog that is friendly, relaxed, happy and easy to have around both other dogs and people. Just like children, dogs have to learn how to interact with other dogs and with people and training must begin while the dog is young. Dogs learn quickly and that’s why we want to develop good behaviours from a very young age. As pups are most impressionable before they turn 16 weeks old we try to encourage dogs to start puppy school from 10-12 weeks of age.

What happens at the classes?

Our classes are run by our Vet Nurse Lauren in our spacious reception area of the clinic. A course consists of four weekly classes on Monday evenings from 6pm until 7pm. Puppies graduate with a certificate. The classes run with a minimum of three and maximum of six puppies.


All puppies admitted to puppy school need to have had at least one C3 vaccination. If your puppy has not had a vaccination yet please call us at the clinic on (02) 4261 4055 and we can discuss your new puppy’s requirements.


Please contact us on (02) 4261 4055 if you have any questions about puppy school or you would like to enrol your new puppy in a class.